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Obtain Customized Digital Marketing Services for iGaming
We are the top digital marketing company in India for the gaming sector, managing tactical iGaming campaigns. To help your online gaming company increase first-time deposits, attract new players, and enhance its iGaming brand visibility, we employ creative and tested internet marketing techniques.

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Digital Marketing Professionals for the iGaming Sector

We are the top digital marketing agency in India, providing outstanding ROI and digital excellence through specialized and tried-and-true services.

We are aware of the industry’s intense competition, the many rules governing marketing and promotion, and the challenge of attracting top players. With our in-depth industry expertise and experience, a partner like us can assist you in seizing the special potential this sector presents and quickly acquire momentum!

ROI-Driven, Growth-Oriented Digital Marketing Firm for the iGaming Industry

As a partner to some of the largest online gaming firms worldwide and in India, we have carried out engaging campaigns with outstanding return on investment: 

  • our online gaming clients, our SEO and link-building campaigns have, on average, increased traffic by 260% and organic player registrations by 43%.
  • Our display advertising campaigns have assisted gaming sites in gaining more exposure from top publishers to gaming audiences in a short amount of time.
  • With a high proportion of repeat game play, our affiliate marketing clients experienced a sharp increase in first-time deposits.

Digital marketing services for iGaming

Regional SEO

optimizes a business's online presence to rank higher in local search results, attracting local customers. It involves optimizing Google My Business, using local keywords, managing local listings, creating localized content, and ensuring mobile-friendliness.

Marketing with content

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO involves actions taken outside your website to improve search engine rankings, such as building backlinks and engaging in social media marketing to increase credibility and authority.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO involves optimizing individual web pages to rank higher in search engine results by improving content quality, meta tags, headings, images, URLs, and user experience.

Guest posting

Guest posting is a content marketing and SEO strategy where a writer creates and publishes an article on a third-party website or blog to reach a new audience and gain backlinks to their own website.

Our Testimonials

Choosing Keyanntech Solutions for our app development needs was one of the best decisions we made. Their team's technical proficiency, coupled with a collaborative approach, resulted in an app that exceeded our expectations.

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Navdeep Verma Client

Keyanntech Solutions transformed our business with their exceptional website development and CRM expertise. The seamless integration of our systems has streamlined our operations, making us more efficient than ever.

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Mandeep Kaur Client

Keyanntech Solutions did an awesome job with their website skills! They added a really strong CRM system that changed how we talk to customers, making our online shopping experience even better than we hoped.

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Gautam Garg Designation

Keyanntech Solutions is the top choice for creating a web portal. Their professionalism, expertise, guidance, organization, and timing are excellent. They patiently explain their process and steps if there are any issues we don't understand.

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Shiddant Singh Client

keyanntech Solutions analyzed our workloads, documentation, and the existing infrastructure and provided us with a clear project roadmap. They delivered demos every other week so that we could be sure that the [web-based] invoicing system is aligned with our business needs. We have already engaged Keyanntech in supporting the solution. "rewrite it in simple pay"

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Durgesh Shah Client

Keyanntech Solutions has been fantastic in analyzing our project needs. They provided a clear plan and kept us in the loop with regular demos for the web-based invoicing system. Their ongoing support has been invaluable. Highly recommend!

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Jagdeep Kaur Client

Client We've Helped Grow

Preferred Digital Partner for iGaming to Rule India's Online Gaming Market

Online poker and rummy have been around for a while, but the gaming sector in India really took off when fantasy sports betting was made legal in the country a few years ago. The sector has expanded rapidly since then. Furthermore, the recent COVID-19 lockout has fueled the fire even further. In the next years, the internet gaming and casino sector is expected to grow significantly. High-speed internet, mobile devices, and emerging markets all suggest a thriving sector with many of prospects and some particular difficulties. We can assist you in finding high-quality traffic that generates high game play ratios thanks to our knowledge and experience.

Why the iGaming Industry Should Use Techmagnate

After working with a number of gaming organizations over the years, including operators, platforms, and affiliates, we are now aware of the best digital channels and platforms for this sector of the economy. We can assist you in navigating the challenging world of marketing and locating the highest caliber players and pertinent traffic for your games.

Comprehensive Understanding of the Online Gaming Sector

 a thorough awareness of the digital marketing tools that may be used to increase playthrough rates, deposit rates and quantities, retention rates, and other metrics that ultimately result into better gaming revenues—which is what you want most of all.

Oversaw significant campaigns for affiliate marketing
successfully assisted clients in creating affiliate marketing strategies that generated hundreds of new player registrations per month. Selecting a trustworthy affiliate partner is essential in an industry where fraud is common, and we have steadily developed a robust and trustworthy network.
Online Display Advertising
To achieve your branding and marketing goals, we have partnered with reputable publishers that have the necessary display inventory.
Engaging in Influencer & Social Media Marketing
monthly content syndication across well-known social media channels with the aim of establishing a brand. In this market, we also collaborate with several bloggers and influencers to expand our audience and boost interaction.
We ranked some of the top keywords in online gaming across many areas and themes, including but not limited to betting, lottery, online poker, fantasy sports, and much more. We have established relationships with leading media outlets and gaming blogs, so we can provide you with high-quality, highly targeted links quickly.
Use Mobile App Marketing
To increase the number of active users for our clients, we used App Store Optimization and app install campaigns.
Writing and Localization Services for Content
Localize and translate creatives, game material, etc. before launching in new regions.
Competitive data
To determine whether it makes sense for you to enter a new market and what else you need to succeed, obtain a personalized report on competitors and market data.

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