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Keyanntech Solutions emerges as a premier B2B Marketing Company in India, empowering B2B enterprises with dynamic marketing initiatives. With strategic foresight, we craft B2B marketing blueprints aimed at achieving revolutionary outcomes for your business goals, be it stimulating demand or enhancing conversion rates.

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Keyanntech Solutions: Your Go-To Partner for B2B Digital Marketing Success

  • Witnessed an Impressive 81% Surge in Traffic and a Remarkable 99% Increase in Leads for B2B Clients 
  • Showcases a Broad Client Portfolio Encompassing Top-tier B2B Enterprises
  • Recognized as One of Just 50 Google Premier Partners out of 100+  Digital Agencies Nationwide
  • Proud Recipient of the Digital Excellence Award in Insurance/Financial Services at the 3rd Digital Enterprise Summit

Digital Marketing Services for B2B:

Search Engine Optimization services

Our SEO services are essential for improving a website's visibility in search engine results. They include keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, technical SEO, content creation, and local SEO. These services help businesses attract more organic traffic and improve their online presence.

B2B Content Marketing

B2B content marketing services focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a targeted audience of business professionals. These services involve developing a content strategy aligned with business goals, creating high-quality content such as articles, blogs, whitepapers, and videos, and distributing this content through various channels, including websites, social media, and email.

Pay Per Click Marketing

(Pay-Per-Click) PPC marketing is a service that helps businesses increase online visibility by creating targeted ads that appear on search engine results pages and relevant websites. Advertisers pay a fee when their ad is clicked. Services include keyword research, ad creation, bid management, and performance tracking for maximum ROI.

B2B Demand and Lead Generation

This services help businesses attract potential clients and convert them into leads. These services include identifying target audiences, creating engaging content, managing email and social media marketing, optimizing for search engines, running paid advertising campaigns, nurturing leads, and providing analytics and reporting. The goal is to increase brand visibility, attract qualified leads, and ultimately drive business growth.

Linkedin Marketing

This service helps businesses promote their products or services on the professional networking platform. These services include creating and managing company pages, posting engaging content, running LinkedIn Ads, and participating in LinkedIn groups to reach a targeted audience of professionals. LinkedIn marketing is effective for B2B companies looking to connect with other businesses and decision-makers in their industry.

Account Based Marketing

(ABM) services specialize in targeting high-value accounts with personalized marketing efforts. They include selecting key accounts, researching their needs, creating tailored messages, engaging through multiple channels, aligning sales and marketing, and measuring performance. ABM services help businesses focus resources effectively, driving engagement and revenue growth.

Who Can Benefit From Our B2B Digital Marketing Services

SaaS Companies

Wholesalers & Manufacturers


B2B Marketplace

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Our Testimonials

Choosing Keyanntech Solutions for our app development needs was one of the best decisions we made. Their team's technical proficiency, coupled with a collaborative approach, resulted in an app that exceeded our expectations.

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Navdeep Verma Client

Keyanntech Solutions transformed our business with their exceptional website development and CRM expertise. The seamless integration of our systems has streamlined our operations, making us more efficient than ever.

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Mandeep Kaur Client

Keyanntech Solutions did an awesome job with their website skills! They added a really strong CRM system that changed how we talk to customers, making our online shopping experience even better than we hoped.

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Gautam Garg Designation

Keyanntech Solutions is the top choice for creating a web portal. Their professionalism, expertise, guidance, organization, and timing are excellent. They patiently explain their process and steps if there are any issues we don't understand.

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Shiddant Singh Client

keyanntech Solutions analyzed our workloads, documentation, and the existing infrastructure and provided us with a clear project roadmap. They delivered demos every other week so that we could be sure that the [web-based] invoicing system is aligned with our business needs. We have already engaged Keyanntech in supporting the solution. "rewrite it in simple pay"

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Durgesh Shah Client

Keyanntech Solutions has been fantastic in analyzing our project needs. They provided a clear plan and kept us in the loop with regular demos for the web-based invoicing system. Their ongoing support has been invaluable. Highly recommend!

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Jagdeep Kaur Client

Client We've Helped Grow

B2B Digital Marketing Agency FAQs

Keyanntech Solutions stresses the importance of digital marketing for B2B firms to:

  • Compete Globally: Stay competitive against global counterparts by leveraging digital tools.
  • Enhance Online Presence: Boost visibility through diverse online channels.
  • Adapt to Digital Journeys: Align marketing with the digital customer journey.
  • Maximize ROI: Utilize data insights to optimize returns and refine strategies.

Explore the various ways digital marketing strategies can enhance brand visibility, lead generation, and customer engagement within the B2B landscape.

Understand the distinct tactics and approaches needed to effectively market products or services to other businesses compared to individual consumers.

Learn about key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics tailored to B2B marketing efforts, including lead generation, conversion rates, and customer lifetime value.

Discover how creating valuable, informative content tailored to the needs and pain points of B2B audiences can drive engagement, establish thought leadership, and nurture business relationships.

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